Franklin had an extreme phobia of what activity?




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  • Driving
  • Fishing
  • Flying
  • Cooking

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In 1984, Franklin flew on a turbulent flight that led to an extreme fear of flying, and she remained grounded for the rest of her life. She had every intention of getting over her phobia of flying and even took several classes to help her do so, but she never did. Franklin decided to forego the use of airplanes in favor of a luxurious tour bus with seating for more than twenty passengers.

Franklin had an extreme phobia of what activity?
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, was known for her incredible talent and her powerful presence onstage. However, she had a deep-seated fear of one activity: flying.

Franklin’s fear of flying was so extreme that she often went to great lengths to avoid it. She would often travel by tour bus or car, even for long distances, in order to avoid having to fly. Her fear was so intense that she even cancelled concerts and appearances if she could not find a way to travel without flying.

Franklin was still able to achieve incredible success in her career, and her music continues to inspire and influence artists and fans around the world. Her powerful vocals and soulful style were a hallmark of her incredible talent, and helped to define the sound of soul music for generations to come.

Franklin was also known for her activism and her commitment to social justice. She used her platform to speak out against racism and inequality, and was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement.

Aretha Franklin’s fear of flying was a reminder of the power of overcoming our fears and limitations in order to achieve our goals and dreams. By celebrating her legacy and her contributions to the music industry and the civil rights movement, we can honor the tradition and history of soul music, and continue to be inspired by her music and her courage for generations to come.