How did the so-called “traveler’s tree” get its name?

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  • It’s small enough to be portable
  • Its leaves store water
  • It’s located only at high altitudes
  • It was first discovered by Magellan

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Its leaves store water


[STC00273] Travelers who are parched will find that the Ravenala madagascariensis, also known as the “traveler’s tree,” is a kind of palm tree that is a pleasant sight to behold.

When it rains, the leaves, which have the shape of funnels, direct the water down to their bases, where it is temporarily stored.

In the event that you are in need of water but have none available, you can drink the water because it has a low risk of contamination.

The tree first appeared on the island of Madagascar, which is known for its abundant rainfall, but it is now found in tropical locations all over the world.

However, there is yet another explanation for why it is known as the traveler’s tree: Because the fan of leaves develops in most cases along an approximate line that runs east to west, it is possible to make use of it as a crude kind of a compass when you are in a pinch.