In what country is Christmas celebrated on January 7th?

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  • India
  • Mongolia
  • Russia
  • Germany

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[STC002999] In the time of the Soviet Union, New Year’s was celebrated significantly more frequently than Christmas, which was made illegal as a national holiday in 1929. Even Christmas trees were prohibited until 1935, when they were rebranded as “New Year Trees” and the ban was lifted. Even after Christmas was allowed to be openly celebrated in Russia in 1991, the holiday remained far less significant after New Year’s than it had been previously. This was the case even after the holiday was legalized. As a result of the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church observes religious holidays in accordance with the Julian calendar, which lags behind standard calendars by a period of thirteen days at the present time, the New Year is celebrated in Russia before Christmas. This calendar was a reform of the Roman calendar that was proposed by Julius Caesar in 48 BC. It was the most extensively used calendar up until the year 1582, when only a few countries, such as Russia, continued to use it. Julius Caesar is credited with proposing this calendar.