In which state can you visit Glass Beach?

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  • Maine
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Georgia

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[STC00845] Glass Beach, which can be found in MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg, is one of the many stunning beaches that can be found along the Mendocino Coast of California. However, this particular beach stands out. The vibrant glass fragments that may be found across the pebbly waterfront are where the beach got its name from. The location was once used as a dump, and it was covered with shattered bottles; however, due to the passage of time, these bottles have become smooth, and the area is now known as a glowing glass beach. The practice of taking the stunning pieces of shattered glass from Glass Beach, which was once permitted but is now prohibited due to the fact that it led to the gradual depletion of the beach’s treasures, was once permitted but has since been outlawed. Even so, a trip to Glass Beach will provide an experience at the beach that is unparalleled by any other beach in the state.