Indigenous game designers created an Oregon Trail video game called what?




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  • Westward Bound
  • When Rivers Were Trails
  • The Golden Path
  • The Early Adventures

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When Rivers Were Trails


One of the problems with the first version of the computer game “Oregon Trail” is that it completely disregards the indigenous peoples that inhabited the area at the time. Dr. Elizabeth LaPensée led a team of Indigenous game designers to rectify that oversight in a game called ‘When Rivers Were Trails,’ which won the Adaptation Award at IndieCade 2019. The story of the video game takes place in the 1890s and follows an Anishinaabeg traveler as he makes his way from Minnesota to California.

Indigenous game designers created an Oregon Trail video game called what?
The Oregon Trail was a historic route that played a significant role in the settlement of the American West. The trail has been the subject of numerous video games, including one created by Indigenous game designers called “When Rivers Were Trails.”

The video game is a unique and innovative take on the Oregon Trail, featuring a storyline that is told from the perspective of an Indigenous person. The game follows a character named Haru, who is forced to leave their home and make the journey West in search of a new life.

As Haru travels along the trail, they encounter a variety of challenges and obstacles, including hostile settlers and the loss of traditional lands and resources. The game provides a powerful and thought-provoking perspective on the history of the American West, highlighting the experiences of Indigenous people and the impact of colonialism and displacement.

The creation of “When Rivers Were Trails” is an important example of the growing movement for diversity and representation in video games and other forms of media. The game is a powerful and moving reminder of the importance of telling diverse and inclusive stories, and of the role that video games and other forms of media can play in shaping our understanding of history and culture.

“When Rivers Were Trails” remains an important and influential video game, inspiring and informing new generations of players about the history and legacy of the Oregon Trail and the American West. It serves as a reminder of the resilience and perseverance of Indigenous people, and of the importance of honoring their unique cultural and historical heritage.

The story of “When Rivers Were Trails” is an important part of the enduring legacy of the American West. It is a testament to the power of video games and other forms of media to educate and inspire, and it continues to inform and shape our understanding of the rich cultural and historical heritage of this iconic period in American history.