Jeju Island is the largest island of which country?

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  • Indonesia
  • South Korea
  • Russia
  • The Philippines

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South Korea


[STC00540] Jeju Island is located roughly 100 kilometers (62 miles) to the southwest of the South Korean mainland (alternately known as Cheju Island). Since 2006, the South Korean government has recognized the 1,800-square-mile island located in the East China Sea as a special autonomous province. Mount Halla’s summit stands out as the most prominent feature on the island’s topography. The 6,398-foot-tall mountain and its surrounding area form a national park, while the coastal areas are home to much of the island’s 500,000 people. After many years of existence as an independent kingdom, Jeju Island eventually became a part of what was to become South Korea in the year 938 CE. After that, it was used as a prison for political exiles and as a place for horses to graze until somewhere in the early 20th century. It is presently a popular destination for tourists and is also a significant producer of oranges for the nation.