London’s “Magnificent Seven” refers to what?

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  • Cemeteries
  • Underground lines
  • Rivers
  • Bridges

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[STC00341] The term “Magnificent Seven” was used to describe a ring of garden cemeteries that were established on the outskirts of London during the 19th century.

The cemeteries are located in Tower Hamlets, Brompton, Nunhead, West Norwood, Abney Park, Highgate, and Kensal Green.

All were promoted by the government as a response to the overcrowding of graveyards in the city center, which by then were deeply unhygienic and plagued by crime.

The passing of generations in the 20th century caused many of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries to fall into disrepair and become overgrown with vegetation, but in recent years, several of them have been restored to their former splendor.

These once chaotic areas have been transformed into tranquil green spaces that showcase stunning architecture and statues.