The Falkland Islands are an overseas territory of which nation?

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  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Chile
  • Argentina

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United Kingdom


[STC00811] The Falkland Islands are a series of islands located around 500 kilometers (300 miles) off the coast of Argentina. These islands are home to nearly 3,500 people. Despite this, they are considered to be British nationals because the island chain covers a total area of 4,700 square miles and is an overseas territory that is self-governed by the United Kingdom. Since the first known arrival on the islands was made by an English captain named John Strong in the year 1690, the islands have passed back and forth between the control of the English, French, Spanish, and Argentine governments. Argentina continues to maintain that it has sovereign control over the islands, arguing that it did indeed inherit them after achieving independence from Spain in 1816. This disagreement sparked the Falklands War in 1982, which began when Argentina attacked the islands in question. Although the war was relatively short, lasting just ten weeks, and ending with the Argentines surrendering to the British, the Falkland Islands continue to be a source of contention between Argentina and the United Kingdom.