The South Platte River passes through which U.S. capital city?

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  • Salem, Oregon
  • Montpelier, Vermont
  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado


[STC00992] The Rocky Mountains might be more well-known for its proximity to Denver, but the river that cuts through the state capital of Colorado is also very appreciated by the people who live there. Due to the fact that Denver was built around the South Platte River, the river was an essential component in the establishment of the city. Today, it is a well-liked spot for outdoor activity, and residents of Denver are frequently seen canoeing, tubing, fishing, and hiking along its banks. The Platte River in Nebraska has two branches: the North Platte River and the South Platte River. The North Platte River flows through Casper, Wyoming, while the South Platte River originates in the mountains in the central part of Colorado, travels northeast past Denver, the capital city of Colorado, and then continues further northeast into Nebraska. Both rivers eventually meet in Nebraska. The two rivers join together in the city of North Platte, which is located in the state of Nebraska; from there, the Platte River flows eastward to the Missouri River.