What chef opened his flagship restaurant, Spago, on Sunset Boulevard?




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  • Jamie Oliver
  • Wolfgang Puck
  • Massimo Bottura
  • Emeril Lagasse

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Wolfgang Puck


Chef Wolfgang Puck, who was born in Austria, had several disheartening experiences while working in the American restaurant industry before he decided to open his own establishment. In January of 1982, at the age of 33, he founded the Spago restaurant on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Spago immediately became a popular destination for celebrities, such as Sidney Poitier, Jack Lemmon, and Billy Wilder, thanks in large part to Puck, who worked the grill there every night and whose menu featured Italian-influenced California food. Puck eventually became a celebrity in his own right, founding more restaurants, publishing famous cookbooks, making appearances on television, and providing catering services for large occasions such as the official after party for the Academy Awards.

What chef opened his flagship restaurant, Spago, on Sunset Boulevard?
Wolfgang Puck is a renowned chef and restaurateur who has had a profound impact on the culinary world. One of his most famous restaurants is Spago, which he opened on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California in 1982.

Spago quickly became a hotspot for Hollywood celebrities and food lovers alike, thanks to Puck’s innovative and creative approach to cuisine. He pioneered the concept of California cuisine, which emphasizes the use of fresh, local ingredients and blends a variety of culinary traditions and styles.

At Spago, Puck offered a menu that was both sophisticated and playful, featuring dishes like smoked salmon pizza, caviar parfait, and truffle risotto. He also introduced new cooking techniques and equipment, such as wood-fired ovens and sous-vide cooking, that would go on to become staples of modern fine dining.

Spago also became known for its lively atmosphere and stylish décor. The restaurant was designed to feel like a chic, upscale bistro, with an open kitchen, a bustling bar, and plenty of outdoor seating.

Over the years, Spago has continued to evolve and innovate under Puck’s leadership. The restaurant has moved several times, and now has locations in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. Puck has also expanded his culinary empire to include a variety of other restaurants, as well as catering and packaged food businesses.

Puck remains committed to his craft and to using the best possible ingredients in his cooking. He has also been a strong advocate for healthy eating and sustainable food practices, and has worked to promote these values through his restaurants and other endeavors.

Wolfgang Puck’s Spago represents a landmark in the history of American cuisine, and a testament to the power of innovation and creativity in the culinary world.