What city is port wine named after?

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  • Porto, Portugal
  • Port Douglas, Australia
  • Portofino, Italy
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Porto, Portugal


[STC00747] Port is a type of sweet fortified wine that gets its name from the city of Porto, which is located in Portugal. Porto is renowned all over the globe for the manufacture of port wine and serves as a gateway to the Douro River valley, which is the primary grape-growing region in Portugal. In point of fact, according to the laws of Portugal, authentic port can only be made in this particular location of the country (similar to French Champagne). The must used to make port is strengthened with brandy at a later stage in the maturation process, which sets it apart from normal wine. Before being bottled, it is normally matured in a cask for a period of between two and three years. The final stage of maturation is reached inside the bottle, and you’ll know it’s formed when a light crust has developed inside the glass. At this point, the wine has attained its full potential.