What costume do children in Sweden wear for Easter?




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  • Ghost
  • Witch
  • Devil
  • Angel

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Forget cuddly bunnies: In Sweden, on the Thursday or Saturday before Easter, youngsters dress up as witches and walk door-to-door, wishing people a happy Easter in exchange for sweets. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. According to a Swedish folktale, the custom got its start when it was believed that witches would fly away on Maundy Thursday to celebrate the holiday with the devil. As they came back, fire was used to frighten them away; to this day, several regions of Sweden and Finland continue to incorporate bonfires into their Easter weekend celebrations for nostalgic reasons.

What costume do children in Sweden wear for Easter?
In Sweden, Easter is celebrated in a unique and playful way: by dressing up as witches. This tradition, known as “Påskkärring,” is a beloved part of Swedish Easter celebrations and is enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The tradition of dressing up as witches for Easter dates back to the 19th century, when it was believed that witches would fly to a mountain in central Sweden to dance with the devil on the Thursday before Easter. To ward off the witches, people would light bonfires and make loud noises.

the tradition of dressing up as witches has evolved into a playful and festive Easter tradition. Children dress up in colorful costumes, often with pointed hats and brooms, and go door-to-door, offering to exchange drawings or decorations for candy and sweets.

The witch costumes are often accompanied by cheerful and festive decorations, including colorful ribbons and flowers. The children may also carry small pots or cauldrons filled with candy, which they offer to their neighbors as they go from house to house.

The tradition of dressing up as witches for Easter in Sweden is a testament to the enduring power of cultural traditions and the ways in which they can bring people together in celebration and joy. It is a reminder of the importance of playfulness and whimsy, particularly during times of celebration and holiday.

Whether you are a resident of Sweden or simply a lover of unique and playful traditions, the witch costumes of Påskkärring offer a delightful and unforgettable way to celebrate the joys of Easter. So why not don a colorful hat and join in the festive spirit of this beloved Swedish tradition?