What country is the world’s biggest exporter of flowers?

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  • The United States
  • Japan
  • The Netherlands
  • Russia

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The Netherlands


[STC00655] According to the lyrics of a song, if you go to California, you should make sure to wear a flower in your hair. On the other hand, the chances are rather good that bloom was picked on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The Netherlands is the country that is responsible for the greatest flower exports and is responsible for 44 percent of the global commerce in floricultural products. In addition, the Dutch produce more than three quarters of the world’s supply of flower bulbs, making them the dominant supplier in this market. Tulips are the big money-maker, and the Netherlands is the tulip capital of the world: Of all the tulip farm land on Earth, more than 90% is in the Netherlands, according to The Produce News. Visitors come from far and wide to witness the expansive and gorgeous fields where the tulips are grown, therefore the tulips are also a major draw for tourists.