What famous thinker is known as the “father of economics”?




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  • Adam Smith
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • David Hume

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Adam Smith


Adam Smith, a Scottish-born philosopher, is credited with creating modern economic theory in his landmark work, “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.” The ideas of free markets, capitalism, and supply and demand that Smith addressed in his work are still foundational to modern economic systems, as are Smith’s three laws of economics.

What famous thinker is known as the “father of economics”?
Adam Smith is widely regarded as the “father of economics” due to his influential work, “The Wealth of Nations,” which was published in 1776. Smith was a Scottish philosopher and economist who lived during the 18th century and is considered one of the most important thinkers in the history of economics.

In “The Wealth of Nations,” Smith argued that markets operate most efficiently when individuals are allowed to pursue their own self-interest. He believed that the invisible hand of the market would guide the economy towards a state of equilibrium that would benefit society as a whole. Smith’s ideas about the benefits of free markets and limited government intervention were highly influential and helped to shape modern economic theory.

One of Smith’s most famous concepts was the division of labor. He argued that by dividing tasks into smaller, specialized tasks, workers could become more efficient and productive. This idea helped to lay the foundation for the Industrial Revolution and the modern factory system.

Smith also believed in the importance of international trade and argued that countries should specialize in producing goods for which they have a comparative advantage. This idea helped to promote the growth of international trade and globalization.

While Smith’s ideas have had a profound impact on the field of economics, they have also been the subject of criticism and debate. Some have argued that his emphasis on self-interest has led to the development of a narrow, profit-driven view of economics that neglects the social and environmental impacts of economic activity.

Smith’s contributions to the field of economics have been widely recognized and his ideas continue to influence economic theory and policy today. Adam Smith is rightfully known as the “father of economics” due to his groundbreaking work and profound impact on the field.