What hotel inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining”?

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  • The Salish Lodge
  • The Mountain Lake Hotel
  • The Stanley Hotel
  • The Plaza Hotel

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The Stanley Hotel


[STC00832] Stephen King got the idea for his book “The Shining” from a nightmare he had in 1974 while he was staying at the Stanley Hotel. The book was named after the hotel. (The title of the book gives the hotel the name the Overlook.) The Stanley Hotel, which is found in Estes Park, Colorado, frequently takes advantage of its link to the novel as a marketing tie-in by providing services such as in-room psychic readings and ghost tours. In 2015, they even added a hedge maze like the one in the 1980 movie adaptation, although with much lower bushes so that children don’t get lost. The well-known film directed by Stanley Kubrick was not shot at the hotel, but Stephen King did use the fa├žade of the building for some sequences in his television miniseries from 1997.