What illuminates these caves in New Zealand?

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  • Algae
  • Lightning bugs
  • Glow worms
  • Luna moths

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Glow worms


[STC002993] The glow of glowworms illuminates one of the caverns in the Waitomo area of New Zealand’s North Island. This ethereal glow may be seen in one of the caves. The Glowworm Cave is one of the three main caves that make up the larger cave system that consists of more than 300 tunnels, and it is crawling with larvae. Electric energy lights the limestone, as glowworms lure food and burn waste through a chemical reaction that causes bioluminescence, making for one of the most enchanting experiences a spelunker could ever dream up. Don’t like worms? Take a trip to the adjacent Ruakuri Cave to see its waterfalls, or head to the Aranui Cave to see its stalactites and stalagmites.