What is a geoglyph?

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  • A design etched into the ground, only seen from sky
  • A small image drawn on rocks
  • An ancient language of symbols and patterns
  • A large rock formation

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A design etched into the ground, only seen from sky


[STC001967] A geoglyph is a manufactured structure that is created by removing or adding things on a landscape in such a way that it can only be seen in its entirety when viewed from above. These etchings on the ground are typically made by the removal of rocks and soil; however, they can also be formed by the addition of rocks and other natural materials. The geoglyphs can take the form of lines, animals, plants, or virtually anything else imaginable. However, Geography Realm suggests that their length ought to be no less than four meters at the very least. The Nazca Lines in Peru, the Spiral Jetty in Utah, and the Pintados in Chile are three examples of notable geoglyphs from throughout the world.