What is currently the best-selling beer in the United States?




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  • Bud Light
  • Corona
  • Modelo
  • Miller Lite

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Modelo has finally dethroned Bud Light as America’s best-selling beer, a position it has held for the past two decades. Bud Light’s sales have plummeted as a result of conservative outrage after a social media ad with transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney. This action, and the company’s reaction to it, provoked a nationwide boycott of the brand. Bud Light sales fell 28% year on year, while Modelo sales up 8.5%. Modelo Especial is a pilsner-style lager that originated in Mexico approximately 100 years ago.

What is currently the best-selling beer in the United States?

Modelo, a Mexican beer brand, has risen to prominence in the United States and currently holds the title of the best-selling beer in the country. With its distinct flavor, rich history, and strategic marketing efforts, Modelo has captured the taste buds and loyalty of beer enthusiasts across the nation. In this article, we delve into the story behind Modelo’s success and explore the factors that have propelled it to the top of the beer market in the United States.

Originating from Grupo Modelo, a Mexican brewery founded in 1925, Modelo Especial has become the flagship beer of the brand in the United States. Modelo Especial is a Vienna-style lager that offers a balanced and flavorful profile, characterized by its amber hue, malty sweetness, and crisp finish. This distinct taste sets it apart from other beers in the market and has contributed to its growing popularity among American consumers.

One of the key factors driving Modelo’s success in the United States is its strategic marketing and branding efforts. The brand has effectively positioned itself as a premium beer choice, appealing to consumers who seek a higher quality and more sophisticated drinking experience. Through targeted advertising campaigns, sponsorships of popular sporting events, and collaborations with influencers, Modelo has successfully captured the attention and loyalty of beer enthusiasts.

In recent years, there has been a shift in consumer preferences towards Mexican beers, and Modelo has emerged as a frontrunner in this trend. The rise in popularity can be attributed to various factors. First, Modelo’s association with Mexican culture and heritage resonates with a diverse consumer base in the United States. The brand’s marketing often emphasizes its Mexican roots, evoking a sense of authenticity and cultural connection.

Additionally, Modelo has capitalized on the growing interest in craft beers and the desire for more flavor and variety. The brand offers a range of beer styles, including Modelo Negra and Modelo Chelada, catering to different taste preferences and expanding its appeal to a wider audience. By diversifying its product portfolio, Modelo has successfully tapped into the evolving beer landscape and positioned itself as a versatile and accessible choice for consumers.

Another contributing factor to Modelo’s success is its distribution network. The brand has established strong partnerships with major beer distributors, ensuring widespread availability across the country. Modelo’s presence in bars, restaurants, and retail outlets has made it easily accessible to consumers, further fueling its sales and market dominance.

Furthermore, Modelo has embraced the growing trend of cultural inclusivity and diversity in the United States. The brand’s marketing campaigns often feature diverse communities, reflecting the multicultural fabric of the country. By embracing inclusivity, Modelo has resonated with a broad range of consumers, reinforcing its position as a beer brand that celebrates unity and shared experiences.

While Modelo currently holds the title of the best-selling beer in the United States, the beer market is dynamic and subject to change. Consumer preferences and trends can shift over time, and new contenders may emerge. However, Modelo’s success story serves as an example of how a well-crafted product, strategic marketing, and a connection to cultural identity can propel a beer brand to the top of the market.

Modelo has secured its place as the best-selling beer in the United States by offering a distinctive flavor profile, leveraging effective marketing strategies, and capitalizing on trends in the beer industry. As the brand continues to evolve and adapt to consumer preferences, Modelo’s success serves as a testament to the power of quality, branding, and cultural resonance in capturing the hearts and palates of beer enthusiasts across the nation.