What is NOT a part of the skull?

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What is NOT a part of the skull?
The skull is a complex and intricate part of the human body that protects the brain and supports many of the body’s vital functions. It is made up of several bones that are fused together to form a rigid and protective structure. However, one bone that is not a part of the skull is the sternum.

The sternum is a flat bone located in the center of the chest, and it is an important part of the rib cage. It runs vertically down the front of the chest and connects to the ribs through cartilage. The sternum plays a crucial role in protecting the heart and other vital organs, as well as in supporting the upper body and facilitating movement.

While the skull and sternum are both important parts of the body, they serve different functions and are made up of different bones. The skull is a complex structure that includes the frontal bone, parietal bones, occipital bone, temporal bones, sphenoid bone, and ethmoid bone, among others. These bones come together to form the protective structure of the skull, which houses the brain and supports many of the body’s sensory and motor functions.

the skull also plays an important role in facial recognition and communication. The complex structure of the skull allows for the movement and articulation of the jaw, tongue, and other facial muscles, which are essential for speech and other forms of communication.

while the sternum is an important bone in its own right, it is not a part of the skull. The skull remains an essential and fascinating part of the human body, and its complex structure and function continue to be the subject of research and study in the fields of anatomy, physiology, and medicine.

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