What is the Continental Divide?

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  • A mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains
  • The border between two continents
  • A boundary separating a continent’s waterways
  • A series of mountains that separate hemispheres

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A boundary separating a continent’s waterways


[STC003491] If you’ve ever gone trekking in the Rocky Mountains, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the Continental Divide of the Americas, sometimes known as the Great Divide. If not, let us fill you in. This line denotes the boundary between two continents’ worth of river systems. Every river system eventually empties into its own individual ocean basin, bay, or sea. In the case of the Americas, the Great Divide serves to demarcate the waterways that are connected to the Pacific Ocean from the waterways that are connected to the Atlantic Ocean. Although there are several divides on most continents, the Great Divide of the Americas is particularly noteworthy since it cuts over multiple continents and is delineated by a number of well-known mountain ranges. This split can be traced all the way from Alaska, down through western Canada, and all the way down to New Mexico along the crest of the Rocky Mountains. From that point, it travels via the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico and then continues along the Andes Mountains all the way to the southernmost point of South America.