What is the largest celebration for dogs in the world?

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  • Bolludagur in Iceland
  • Hadaka Matsuri in Japan
  • Diwali in Nepal
  • Takanakuy in Peru

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Diwali in Nepal


[STC003040] Tihar, which is also known as Diwali, is celebrated over the course of several days, and each day is unique in comparison to the previous day. The second day of the festival, known as Kukur Tihar, is focused on making the day memorable for all of the dogs that live in Nepal and some regions of India. Celebrations take place all throughout the world, including among people of Nepalese and Indian heritage. A tika, which is a crimson mark placed on the canine’s forehead, and a necklace made of marigolds are commonly given to canines. Dogs are revered as the god Yama’s personal messengers in Hinduism. Yama is the deity associated with death. It is believed that respecting Yama requires celebrating every dog, including the strays. Tihar is typically celebrated in Nepal around the months of October or November, which is the country’s busiest time for tourism. Visitors who choose to take part in the celebrations will find that the people of Nepal are very friendly and eager to share their love of their country’s traditions. The Grand Tihar Festival, which takes place in Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu, is by far the country’s largest and most vibrant Tihar festival. If you are going to be traveling during the festival, you should most definitely make a stop in Kathmandu and stay there for a few days so that you can participate in the events there.