What is the largest desert in Australia?

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  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Great Sandy Desert
  • Tanami Desert
  • Simpson Desert

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Great Victoria Desert


[STC0018] The Great Victoria Desert in Australia encompasses a significant portion of the country’s south and west, and its size is close to 162,000 square miles.

Great Victoria is home to a large number of indigenous peoples, including the Kogara, the Mirning, and the Pitjantjatjara, and it is characterized by salt lakes, sandhills, and grassland.

However, a significant portion of the vast landscape cannot support human habitation.

In point of fact, the desert climate may be so severe for living creatures that the only flora that survives in some locations are drought-resistant plants such as types of eucalyptus and acacia.

Dingo, large monitor lizards, and southern marsupial moles are some of the other animals that may be found in Great Victoria.

Protected areas of the desert include places like Mamungari Conservation Park, which is located in the region.