What is the least densely populated U.S. state?

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  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • New Mexico
  • Wyoming

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[STC0044] Even though Wyoming has the fewest inhabitants of any state, with an estimated 578,000 residents as of 2019, the state has a higher population density than all but one other state.

Population density is measured in terms of the number of people per square mile.

Wyoming is the tenth biggest state, and its total land area is 97,818 square miles; thus, the state’s population density is around six persons per square mile.

Although that is a low number, the population density in Alaska is considerably lower.

By way of reference, the population density in New Jersey as of the census in 2010 was 1,195.

5 persons per square mile.

The most northern state had an estimated population of 731,000 people in 2019, and as it had a total area of 663,300 square miles, this indicates that the state’s population density was around 1.

1 persons per square mile (1.

2 by official 2010 census numbers).

Due to the fact that the bulk of the state’s population lives in its towns and cities, a significant portion of the land remains deserted.

Anchorage, which has a population of around 290,00 people, is the most populous of these cities.

The next two cities on the list are Juneau and Fairbanks, which each have an estimated 32,000 residents.

And at the other end of the spectrum are towns like Whittier, which is home to just over 200 people — most of whom live in a single multi-story building that also houses a police station, a school, stores, and other amenities.