What is the lightest noble gas?

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What is the lightest noble gas?
Helium is the lightest noble gas and the second lightest element on the periodic table, after hydrogen. It is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is commonly used in a variety of applications, including as a cooling agent for nuclear reactors and as a lifting gas for balloons and blimps.

One of the unique properties of helium is its low density, which makes it the only element that cannot be solidified through the application of pressure alone. In fact, it remains a gas even at temperatures near absolute zero.

Helium is also highly stable and unreactive, which makes it an important area of study for scientists and researchers. It has a full outer shell of electrons, which makes it highly stable and unreactive with other elements. Because of its stability, helium is often used in applications where a non-reactive gas is needed, such as in welding and metal fabrication.

helium is also an important area of study for astronomers and cosmologists. It is believed to be one of the primary elements produced during the Big Bang, and is a key component of stars and other celestial bodies.

helium is relatively rare on Earth. It is typically extracted from natural gas deposits, where it is produced through the decay of radioactive elements. Because of its scarcity, helium is also one of the most expensive elements on Earth.

helium is a fascinating and important element that offers unique insights into the behavior and properties of elements. Its low density, stability, and unreactivity make it highly practical and useful, while its role in the universe offers important insights into the origins and evolution of our cosmos.