What is the longest cruise in the world?

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  • Viking’s World Cruise
  • Silversea World Cruise
  • Cunard World Voyage
  • Princess World Cruise

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Viking’s World Cruise


[STC002960] To survive the Viking’s World Cruise, you don’t need to be a viking, but you do need to have a healthy dose of adventure in your blood. The Viking’s World Trip is the longest continuous cruise that is currently accessible to travelers as of the year 2018, clocking in at 245 days and encompassing six different continents. On August 31, 2019, the luxury cruise ship with a capacity of 930 people will set sail from London. Along the way, the ship will visit 113 ports located in 59 different nations as it sails around the world and makes its way back to Big Ben after an eight-month journey. In comparison, most other circumnavigations of the world take anywhere from 90 to 120 days to complete and are divided up into multiple legs. On second thinking, perhaps being a Viking is a must after all.