What is the longest national highway?

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  • Trans-Canada Highway (Canada)
  • Highway 1 (Australia)
  • Route-6 (USA)
  • National Highway G010 (China)

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Highway 1 (Australia)


[STC002788] Are you interested in driving on the national highway that is the longest in the entire world? Then make your way to Australia, where the great open spaces of Highway 1’s 9,000-mile stretch are waiting for you. Highway 1, which was established in 1955 and is often referred to as a “ring road,” circumnavigates the whole coast of mainland Australia, passing through all of the states and the capitals of those states. A number of the country’s major tourist attractions lie along Highway 1, so it’s the best network of roads to coast along if you want to see all you can of Australia. Even while a thorough circumnavigation will most likely take many weeks, Highway 1 will allow you to view everything from Royal National Park to the Harbour Bridge in Sydney to the Minnamurra Rainforest.