What is the longest road tunnel in North America?

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  • Lincoln Tunnel, New York City
  • Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, Alaska
  • Cascade Tunnel, Washington
  • Mount Macdonald Tunnel, British Columbia

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Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, Alaska


[STC001210] Do not attempt to hold your breath when traveling through this tunnel: The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel in Alaska has a length of close to two and a half miles, making it the longest road tunnel in all of North America. The tunnel is situated fifty miles to the southeast of Anchorage, and it connects the Seward Highway to the port city of Whittier, which is located on Prince William Sound. After being constructed in 1943 as a railroad tunnel for the purpose of transporting supplies during World War II, it was eventually converted for use in the civilian sector. It is one of the few tunnels in the world that can be used by cars and trains at the same time because the rails are laid out flush with the road surface to accommodate both uses. The tunnel is also exceedingly narrow, and there is only one lane of traffic through it. In order to maintain order, a sophisticated computer system alternates the direction of traffic every half an hour.