What is the loudest-known creature on Earth?




Here is the option for the question :

  • A whale
  • A bat
  • A shrimp
  • A cicada

The Answer:

And, the answer for the the question is :

A shrimp


Shrimp, despite their small size, are the noisiest animals on the planet. The Tiger Pistol shrimp shoots water from its huge claw, which it uses to defend itself from predators. It does so with so much force that an air bubble is created and when the bubble bursts, the shockwave reaches volumes of up to 200 decibels. Because the noise is so intense, it can be fatal to other shrimp if they are in the vicinity. The human eardrum is capable of rupturing at a sound level of 160 dB; hence, it is to our advantage that shrimp dwell in water.

What is the loudest-known creature on Earth?
When we think of loud creatures, we often think of animals like lions, elephants, or whales. But in reality, the loudest-known creature on Earth is a tiny shrimp that lives in the ocean depths. Known as the pistol shrimp, this small but mighty creature is capable of producing a sound that is louder than a gunshot, and has fascinated scientists and researchers for years.

The pistol shrimp gets its name from its unique hunting technique, which involves using its oversized claw to create a powerful shockwave that stuns or kills its prey. The claw snaps shut with such force that it generates a cavitation bubble, which then collapses with a loud snap, creating a sound that can reach volumes of up to 218 decibels. That’s louder than a jet engine, and more than enough to stun or kill smaller creatures in the shrimp’s path.

While the pistol shrimp’s incredible sound-producing abilities are certainly impressive, scientists are also interested in studying the creature for its potential medical applications. The shockwave produced by the shrimp’s claw is capable of producing intense heat and pressure, which could be harnessed for a variety of medical procedures, from breaking up blood clots to destroying cancer cells.

But the pistol shrimp is just one example of the incredible diversity and complexity of life on Earth, and a reminder of the many wonders and mysteries that still await discovery. Whether it’s the incredible sound-producing abilities of a tiny shrimp or the majestic power of a towering elephant, every creature on Earth has somethingto teach us about the world we live in and the incredible adaptations and innovations that have allowed life to thrive and evolve over billions of years.

So the next time you hear a loud sound in the ocean depths, remember the pistol shrimp and its incredible abilities. And take a moment to appreciate the diversity and complexity of life on Earth, and the many wonders and mysteries that still await discovery in the vast and wondrous world around us.