What is the most common official state beverage?

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  • Milk
  • Lemonade
  • Coffee
  • Water

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[STC00790] Have you tried this well-known and official drink of the state? A great number of states have selected a beverage to represent them, and raising a glass of that beverage is a great way to demonstrate your loyalty to your home state. By a significant margin, the most preferred option is milk. Even while not all states have chosen to do so, the practice of designating an official state beverage began in 1965 with Ohio’s selection of tomato juice. The prevalence of the dairy industry in the 19 states that have chosen milk as their beverage of choice is typically the driving force behind this decision. One of the states, Rhode Island, went for coffee milk as their alternative beverage of choice. Coffee milk is a famous regional beverage that combines milk with coffee syrup or extract. Apple cider, orange juice, cranberry juice, and water are the other state beverages of Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Massachusetts respectively (New Hampshire).