What is the most common official state dance?

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  • Swing Dancing
  • Tap Dancing
  • Square Dancing
  • Breakdancing

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Square Dancing


[STC003645] U.S. states have a variety of surprising official state symbols, from birds to butterflies, mottos, songs, foods and drinks. An official state dance is one of the most widespread symbols; more than 30 states have recognized one. The most popular (by a long shot) is the square dance — states like Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington have all selected the popular dance to represent them. The origins of square dancing can be traced back to a variety of traditional dances that were brought to the United States by immigrants. Although many states have made square dancing their official state dance, different regions have developed their own unique steps and styles for the dance. The use of live music (often a violin) and a ‘caller,’ who yells out precise moves and sequences, are both necessary components of traditional square dancing. Cowboy dance is another name for modern Western square dancing, which is characterized by fewer strict restrictions.