What is the oldest operating airport in Asia?

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  • Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok
  • Incheon International Airport, Seoul
  • Narita International Airport, Tokyo
  • Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong

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Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok


[STC00927] College Park Airport in Maryland, which is now the oldest airport still in operation, first opened its doors in 1909, making it the oldest airport in the world. The oldest airport in Asia opened its doors just five years later. Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok was technically the second airport to open in Thailand; the country’s original airport, Sa Pathum, has since been converted into a horse racing facility. Prior to its occupation by the Japanese troops during World War II, Don Mueang served as the headquarters of the Royal Thai Air Force. KLM In 1924, Royal Dutch Airlines was the company that initiated the first ever commercial flights out of this airport. However, if you are traveling into Bangkok from the United States, you will most likely arrive through Suvarnabhumi Airport rather than Don Mueang International Airport. Don Mueang Airport is now largely responsible for operating solely local flights after having served as Bangkok’s primary international airport since its opening in 2006.