What is the second-longest river in South America?

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  • Orinoco River
  • Paraguay River
  • Paraná River
  • Rio Negro

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Paraná River


[STC00611] There is consensus that the Amazon River stretches for at least 4,000 miles, but the river’s actual length has been the subject of some conjecture. The Paraná River is the second-longest river in South America, behind the Amazon River. Its length is 3,032 miles, and it begins in Brazil before continuing south through Paraguay and into Argentina. At that point, it combines with the Uruguay River to create the estuary of the Rio de la Plata, which ultimately empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The Itaip and the Yacyret dams are two of the most significant hydroelectric dams on the continent, and they may be found along this route. The prefix “para,” which is derived from the Guarani word for “sea,” is where the name of the river, the Paraná, originates from. There are, in fact, piranhas in the river Paraná, despite the fact that the word’s origin is unrelated to that of its homophone, the fish known as the piranha.