What is the world’s heaviest building?

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  • The Kremlin, Russia
  • The Palace of the Parliament, Romania
  • Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom
  • The White House, United States

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The Palace of the Parliament, Romania


[STC002693] Although “heaviest” may seem like an odd descriptor for a structure, the Palace of the Parliament certainly lives up to its name once you’ve had the chance to see it. The communist dictator Nicolae Ceau?escu, who controlled Romania from 1965 to 1989, was responsible for the construction of the castle. The structure is one gigantic declaration that is still in the process of being completed. It has 35 million cubic feet of marble, 32 million cubic feet of wood, 7.7 million cubic feet of crystal and glass, and 1.5 billion pounds of bronze and steel. It even boasts 2,800 chandeliers (one of them weighing 11,000 pounds on its own).