What is the world’s highest volcano?




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  • Paricutin, Mexico
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Mount Elbrus, Russia
  • Ojos del Salado, Argentina–Chile

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Ojos del Salado, Argentina–Chile


High in the Andes Mountains and straddling the Argentina-Chile border, Ojos del Salado towers above all other volcanoes. The volcano has an elevation of 6,893 meters (22,615 feet), and despite the fact that it is regarded to be an active volcano, the date of its most recent known eruption is approximately 1,300 years in the past.

What is the world`s highest volcano?
Ojos del Salado is the highest volcano in the world, located on the border between Argentina and Chile. The volcano is part of the Andes mountain range, which stretches for over 4,000 miles along the western coast of South America. Ojos del Salado stands at a height of 22,615 feet (6,893 meters), making it the second-highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, after nearby Aconcagua.

Ojos del Salado is not considered to be an active volcano, and has not erupted in over 1,000 years. However, the volcano is still a popular destination for climbers and adventurers, who come to experience the stunning views and unique landscape of the Andes.

Climbing Ojos del Salado is a challenging but rewarding experience, with climbers facing a range of obstacles and hazards as they make their way up the mountain. The ascent typically takes between 10 and 12 days, with climbers navigating steep slopes, rocky terrain, and unpredictable weather conditions.

climbing Ojos del Salado is an opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of the Andes, and to explore a unique and remote part of the world. The mountain offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the Atacama Desert to the east and the Andean plateau to the west.

Ojos del Salado also offers a unique glimpse into the geological history of the region. The mountain ispart of the Central Volcanic Zone, a region of the Andes that is known for its active and dormant volcanoes. The region has been shaped by millions of years of volcanic activity and tectonic forces, and is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species that have adapted to the extreme conditions.

Ojos del Salado is also under threat from a range of environmental and human pressures. Climate change is causing glaciers on the mountain to recede, and mining and tourism are leading to soil erosion and habitat loss. The governments of Argentina and Chile, along with various conservation groups, are working to address these challenges through measures like reforestation, sustainable tourism practices, and protected area management.

Ojos del Salado is a unique and awe-inspiring destination that offers a glimpse into the geological and ecological history of the Andes. Whether you’re a seasoned climber looking to push yourself to new heights, or simply looking to experience the beauty and wonder of one of the world’s highest peaks, Ojos del Salado is a must-see destination that is sure to leave a lasting impression.