What is the world’s most-visited non-Disney theme park?

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  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Europa-Park
  • Universal Studios California
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Universal Studios Japan


[STC002156] Disney takes the cake for the world’s most popular theme parks — eight of the top 10 most-visited parks in 2018 were Disney properties, according to Theme Park Insider. However, other than that mammoth of a brand, the most popular amusement park in Japan is the Universal Studios Japan location in Osaka, which received 14.3 million guests in 2018. (To put that number in perspective, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Florida, which is ranked number one, received 20.9 million guests.) Theme parks are quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations: CNN reports that in 2018, there was an overall 4% rise in attendance around the world at its events. The top parks collectively had visits from the equivalent of 7% of the world’s population within that year, and it seems to just keep growing.