What is the world’s oldest film festival?

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  • Venice Film Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Edinburgh Film Festival

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Venice Film Festival


[STC002326] Wander among the celebrities at the Venice International Film Festival, the world’s oldest and, according to some, the most prestigious film festival that exists today. The very first festival was held in 1932, and it was arranged by a count, a sculptor, and a manager of the Italian section of the cinema industry. They were responsible for arranging the scene. They must have done a fantastic job of it because the festival became an annual event, bringing films of the highest caliber, celebrated actors, and known directors to the canals of Venice each and every year. In the months of August and September, the red carpet at Lido di Venezia is typically the scene of a lot of glitz and glamour, so those who consider themselves cinephiles or film buffs should circle those months on their calendars.