What is the world’s oldest mountain range?

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  • The Andes
  • The Himalayas
  • Barberton Greenstone Belt
  • The Alps

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Barberton Greenstone Belt


[STC002685] You may imagine that the Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes, or some other well-known mountain chain would claim the distinction of the world’s oldest mountain range, but you’d be wrong. But in all honesty, this South African collection is head and shoulders above the rest. The Makhonjwa Mountains, which are also known as the Barberton Greenstone Belt, are located at an elevation of 5,905 feet above sea level and contain rocks that are 3.6 billion years old. Since 1875, these mountains have served as a real gold mine. In contrast, the Himalayas are still expanding despite the fact that their age ranges from 55 million to 450 million years old, depending on who you ask (about a centimeter a year). Still a lot of candles on the birthday cake, but nowhere near 3.6 billion.