What is Times Square named after?

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  • The New York Times
  • The clocktower
  • The subway schedule
  • Times Herald

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The New York Times


[STC0010] Times Square in its modern incarnation is one of the busiest tourist destinations in New York City.

It is situated at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and is replete with famous, high-rise billboards as well as ads that are lighted up brightly.

But before to 1904, the area was known as Long Acre Square.

It wasn’t until that year that the location was dubbed Times Square in recognition of the erection of the offices of the New York Times.

At a height of 430 feet, this Gothic building, which can still be recognized, held the position of being the city’s second-tallest skyscraper at the time.

Before moving into the new offices in January 1905, publisher Adolph S.

Ochs held a New Year’s gala to commemorate the structure.

This event, which has since become a Times Square tradition, was held in honor of the building.

The newspaper continued its operations from its previous home in Times Square until 1913, when it relocated to a bigger building on West 43rd Street, one block away.

It stayed at this location for over 100 years after the transfer.

The headquarters are now located at the New York Times Building, which was finished in 2007.

This building is located nearby.