What Ivy League town was once the U.S. capital?

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  • Princeton
  • New Haven
  • Providence
  • Ithaca

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[STC007] Nassau Hall, the location of early American Congress meetings that took place during the summer of 1783, is still a part of the modern-day campus of Princeton University, which was once known as the College of New Jersey.

During its brief tenure as the capital of the United States, which lasted only four months, Philadelphia was the location where the Congress of the Confederation learned that the Treaty of Paris had been signed, thus bringing an end to the American Revolution.

During the years of the American Revolution, the Continental Congress convened in a total of eight different cities: New York City, Philadelphia, Lancaster, and York, all located in Pennsylvania; Baltimore and Annapolis, both located in Maryland; Trenton, located in New Jersey; and Princeton, located in New Jersey.

In accordance with the recently ratified Constitution of the United States in 1787, the first meeting of Congress took place in New York.

However, in 1790, it relocated to a more permanent location in Philadelphia, where it remained until the completion of construction on Washington, DC, in the year 1800.