What peak is known as “America’s Mountain”?

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  • Pikes Peak
  • Denali
  • Mount Hood
  • Grand Teton

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Pikes Peak


[STC00863] Pikes Peak is not the tallest mountain in the United States; that distinction goes to Denali, which stands at 20,310 feet; yet, there is a good reason why it is referred to as “America’s Mountain.” The visit of Katharine Lee Bates, an English professor at Wellesley, in 1893, when she was there, is credited with being the impetus behind the naming of the peak. In the thirty minutes that she spent at the peak, she was moved to put pen to paper, and when she arrived back to Colorado Springs, she wrote the poem that would become known as “America the Beautiful.” Additionally, Pikes Peak is home to the highest railway that has ever been constructed in the United States. The Pikes Peak Cog Railway in Manitou Springs was opened in 1891 and travels all the way to the summit of 14,115 feet at the end of a journey that is exceedingly gorgeous and lasts for 70 minutes.