What popular prank object is outlawed in Mobile, Alabama?




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  • Whoopie cushions
  • Silly string
  • Rubber chickens
  • Itching powder

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Silly string


Even though it contains the word “silly” in its name, this well-known party supplier is taken extremely seriously in Mobile, Alabama. At the port city located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, it is theoretically against the law to spray silly string, which is formally known as “spray string.” Pranks are generally frowned upon in Mobile, as evidenced by the fact that tossing banana peels on sidewalks and launching stink bombs are both against the law.

What popular prank object is outlawed in Mobile, Alabama?
Silly string, the popular prank item beloved by children and adults alike, is outlawed in Mobile, Alabama. This law, which was passed in 1975, makes it illegal to sell or use Silly string within the city limits, and carries a penalty of up to $500 in fines.

The law was passed in response to a surge in the use of Silly string during the city’s annual Mardi Gras celebrations, which had led to concerns about littering and damage to public property. The ban on Silly string was designed to help keep the city’s streets clean and prevent damage to buildings and other structures.

While the ban on Silly string may seem unusual or even frivolous to some, it reflects a broader concern about the impact of pranks and other forms of mischievous behavior on public spaces and infrastructure. By enacting laws and regulations to prevent these types of behaviors, cities and communities can help to promote a more orderly and respectful environment, and ensure that public spaces remain clean, safe, and accessible to all.

the product remains popular around the world, and continues to be used in a wide range of pranks and practical jokes. While it may not be legal in Mobile, residents and visitors alike can still enjoy the many other delights that the city has to offer, from its vibrant cultural scene to its rich history and heritage.