What product was produced by a dairy company in 1947?




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  • Elmer’s glue
  • Sharpie
  • Scotch tape
  • Pink Pearl erasers

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Elmer’s glue


Casein, a protein that may be found in milk and other dairy products, was an essential component of early glue.

What product was produced by a dairy company in 1947?
Elmer’s glue, a household name in the world of adhesives, may come as a surprise to many when they discover its origin as a product produced by a dairy company in 1947. What began as a humble endeavor by the Borden Company to repurpose surplus milk into a useful commodity eventually led to the creation of one of the most widely recognized and trusted glue brands in the market.

In the late 1940s, the Borden Company, primarily known for its dairy products, found itself with a surplus of casein, a milk protein used in the production of cheese. Seeking a way to utilize this excess casein, Borden’s researchers began experimenting with transforming it into a liquid adhesive. Through careful refinement and testing, they successfully developed a formula that resulted in a strong, versatile, and easy-to-use glue.

The glue derived from the surplus casein was named Elmer’s glue, paying homage to the company’s founder, Gail Borden Jr., who was also an inventor and renowned for his contributions to the dairy industry. Elmer’s glue quickly gained popularity due to its excellent adhesive properties and its ability to bond various materials, including paper, fabric, wood, and more. Its initial success prompted the Borden Company to shift its focus and establish Elmer’s Products Inc. as a separate entity dedicated to producing and distributing the glue.

Elmer’s glue became a staple in schools, offices, and households, providing a reliable and convenient solution for countless bonding needs. The glue’s versatility and ease of use made it suitable for a wide range of applications, from arts and crafts projects to repairing everyday items. Its adhesive properties allowed for a strong bond that dried clear, making it suitable for transparent or color-sensitive projects.

Over the years, Elmer’s glue expanded its product line to cater to different requirements and preferences. The classic white glue, known as Elmer’s School Glue, remained a popular choice for general applications. It was widely used by students for school projects, teachers for classroom activities, and craft enthusiasts for various creative endeavors. Elmer’s also introduced specialized formulations such as clear glue, glitter glue, and washable glue, further enhancing its appeal and versatility.

Elmer’s commitment to quality and safety has been a key factor in its enduring success. The company has consistently focused on producing non-toxic glues that are safe for both children and adults to use. This dedication to safety has made Elmer’s glue a trusted brand among parents, educators, and professionals alike.

Elmer’s glue has found its way into popular culture and artistic expression. It has been utilized in various creative techniques, such as decoupage, collage, and paper mache. Many artists have embraced Elmer’s glue as a medium in its own right, exploring its unique qualities and incorporating it into their artwork. Its presence i