What river runs through Washington, D.C.?

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  • Hudson
  • Roanoke
  • Potomac
  • Delaware

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[STC00581] The Potomac is appropriately referred to as the “Nation’s River” due to the fact that it can be found winding its way through the nation’s capital. The Potomac River is the source of Chesapeake Bay’s southern headwaters; Chesapeake Bay is one of the most important estuaries on the East Coast. The river begins its 380-mile journey in Virginia and continues on into Maryland, where it empties into the Tidewater at Point Lookout. The Potomac River not only serves as a symbol of the cultural history of the United States, but its watershed, which encompasses 14,670 square miles, also serves as an important home for various species of flora and fauna. The river is home to pike, walleye, bass, and many other native fish species.