What’s Asia’s busiest airport?

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  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Tokyo International Airport

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Beijing Capital International Airport


[STC002349] Airports in Asia see a lot of passengers. When we talk about how busy things are, we’re talking about tens of millions of travelers. The Beijing Capital International Airport is the airport that has the most passengers transit through its terminals on an annual basis. The largest airport in China, which handles 94 million people in just one year, also serves as a hub for Air China and a number of other major Chinese carriers. Terminal 3, the most recent addition to the airport, is one of the largest terminals in the world and was built specifically to meet the massive amount of traffic that the airport experiences. But Beijing doesn’t stand alone. Other bustling airports in Asia include those in Dubai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, with respective annual passenger counts of 78 million, 75 million, and 68 million.