What separates Madagascar from mainland Africa?

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  • Bassas da India
  • Mozambique Channel
  • Madagascar Strait
  • Zambezi Channel

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Mozambique Channel


[STC0031] A few hundred kilometers off the east coast of Africa is where you’ll find the island country of Madagascar, which is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Between the two is the Mozambique Channel, which is a thousand miles long and was called for the country that it shares a border with to the west, Mozambique.

At its narrowest point, the channel spans approximately 250 miles between the two countries; at other points, it’s as wide as 600 miles.

And despite the fact that Madagascar is without a doubt the largest island in the region as well as the second largest island country in the globe, it is not the only island.

The Comoro Archipelago, which consists of four islands, can be found at the entrance to the Mozambique Channel in the north, while the islands of Europa and Basses de India can be found in the Mozambique Channel in the south.