What state’s motto is “the people rule”?

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  • Pennsylvania
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Rhode Island

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[STC00743] One of the 25 state mottos that are articulated in Latin is “Regnat Populus,” which translates to “the people rule.” This is only one example of a Latin state motto. Since 1836, when it was first included in the state constitution, “The people rule” has been engraved on the Great Seal of the State of Arkansas, where it serves as the state motto. Samuel Calhoun Roane, who served as the recording clerk of the first territory parliament, is credited for designing the seal; however, it is still unclear whence the phrase “Great Seal of the Territory” originated. Although its beginnings are unknown, the motto that has been adopted is not: It makes reference to Arkansas’s participation in both the War of Independence and the Civil War, during which the state idealized the values of its people, which included freedom, independence, and justice. The Latin motto “Under God, the people rule” is quite similar to the state motto of South Dakota, which is “Under God, the people rule.”