What state shares no common letters with its capital?

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  • South Dakota
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • Iowa

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South Dakota


[STC0045] Pierre and South Dakota are the only two cities in the United States and their respective states that do not have any letters in common with one another.

This is true for all fifty states and their respective capitals.

With a population of just more than 14,000 people, it is also the state capital with the second-fewest residents of any in the United States, behind only Montpelier, Vermont.

Before Pierre became the capital — in fact, before South Dakota even became a state — Yankton was the capital of the Dakota Territory, which covered both North and South Dakota.

If only the state capital had remained in its current location, Yankton could have shared many letters with South Dakota.

However, it moved to Bismarck in 1883 (the current capital of North Dakota) and, six years later in 1889, the Dakotas split in two, with North Dakota retaining its capital.

Because of its location in the geographic center of the state, Pierre was selected to serve as the interim capital of South Dakota.

In 1890, following a vote held by the general populace, Pierre was selected to serve as the permanent capital.