What tower inspired Seattle’s Space Needle?

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  • Emley Moor, United Kingdom
  • Tokyo Skytree, Japan
  • Fernsehturm Stuttgart, Germany
  • CN Tower, Toronto

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Fernsehturm Stuttgart, Germany


[STC00203] Edward E.

Carlson, hotel magnate and chief organizer of the 1962 World’s Fair, took a short trip to Stuttgart, Germany, where he was introduced to a telecommunications tower that doubled as a restaurant known as Fernsehturm Stuttgart.

Carlson was impressed by the unique combination of uses for the structure.

Keeping this in mind, he used a napkin from the hotel to do a rough drawing of what would later become the focal point of Seattle (because all great ideas are sketched out on hotel napkins).

A year and a half before the World’s Fair, architect Victor Steinbrueck submitted what would be the tower’s final design, himself inspired by a sculpture of a dancer.

As a result, the Space Needle was created.