What type of animal was rescued from the Titanic?




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  • Monkey
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Two Pomeranians, one of which was known as Lady, and a Pekingese, which was known as Sun Yat-Sen, were the only three dogs who were able to make it off the Titanic safely with their owners. There were perhaps a dozen dogs on board the ship. Sadly, not a single other animal that was on board made it out alive. Some survivors who lost their dogs went on to submit compensation claims for their losses. One of these was the banker and politician Robert Williams Daniel, who claimed $750 for the death of his champion French bulldog, Gamin de Pycombe. Other survivors who lost their pets did not go on to file compensation claims.

What type of animal was rescued from the Titanic?

Among the tragic events surrounding the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912, there were stories of hope and resilience that emerged from the disaster. One such tale involved the rescue of several animals, particularly dogs, from the ill-fated ship. As the ship’s passengers and crew faced the harrowing ordeal of evacuation, efforts were made to save not only human lives but also the cherished animal companions that had accompanied them on their journey.

The presence of dogs aboard the Titanic was not uncommon, as many passengers considered them beloved members of their families. These canine companions provided comfort and companionship during the voyage, and their owners were determined to ensure their safety amidst the chaos that ensued as the ship foundered. As the lifeboats were prepared and launched, some passengers managed to bring their dogs with them, refusing to leave them behind.

One notable survivor who managed to save her dog was Margaret Hays, a first-class passenger. As the evacuation commenced, Margaret boarded Lifeboat No. 7, securing a place not only for herself but also for her Pomeranian named Lady. Despite the limited space available in the lifeboat, Margaret’s determination to keep her beloved pet by her side prevailed. Lady became one of the fortunate canine survivors of the Titanic tragedy.

Another remarkable story involved John Jacob Astor IV, one of the wealthiest passengers on board the Titanic. Astor, along with his young wife Madeleine, had been accompanied by his Airedale Terrier named Kitty during the voyage. When the time came to abandon ship, Astor managed to place his pet in a lifeboat before bidding farewell to his wife, who was also pregnant at the time. Astor, unfortunately, did not survive the disaster, but Kitty the Airedale Terrier was among the fortunate animals rescued from the sinking ship.

crew members also played a crucial role in rescuing animals. Sailors and officers recognized the importance of these loyal companions and made valiant efforts to ensure their survival. Crew members searched cabins and other areas of the ship, locating and carrying dogs to the lifeboats, often at great personal risk. Their compassion and dedication to saving these animals serve as a testament to the human-animal bond even in the face of tragedy.

While dogs were the primary animals rescued from the Titanic, there were reports of a few other creatures being saved as well. It is believed that a Pekinese dog named Sun Yat-sen and a small canary bird were among the fortunate survivors. However, the exact number of animals rescued and their identities remain somewhat uncertain due to conflicting accounts and limited documentation.

The presence of dogs on the Titanic and their subsequent rescue highlights the emotional connection between humans and animals. In times of crisis, people often find solace and strength in the company of the