What type of hat was Jackie Kennedy known for?




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  • Cloche
  • Pillbox
  • Fascinator
  • Beret

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Jackie Kennedy became known for her pillbox hats after first wearing a light-blue one for her husband John F. Kennedy’s inauguration as President in 1961. The hat was created by designer Roy Halston Frowick (better known as simply Halston), who went on to dress stars including Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lauren Bacall.

What type of hat was Jackie Kennedy known for?
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of former US President John F. Kennedy, was known for her elegance, style, and grace. Among her many iconic fashion choices, one item that stands out is the pillbox hat. This simple, yet elegant hat became a signature accessory for Jackie, and remains an enduring symbol of her timeless style.

The pillbox hat first came into fashion in the 1930s, and quickly became popular among women of all ages. It is characterized by its small, round shape, and is typically worn perched on top of the head, either with or without a veil. The hat is often made from wool or felt, and can be adorned with a wide range of decorations, including bows, flowers, and feathers.

For Jackie Kennedy, the pillbox hat was a perfect complement to her classic, understated style. She was often seen wearing the hat with simple, elegant outfits, such as tailored suits and shift dresses, and it quickly became one of her signature accessories. In fact, Jackie was so closely associated with the pillbox hat that it became known as the “Jackie Kennedy hat,” and remains an enduring symbol of her timeless sense of style and fashion.

the pillbox hat continues to be a popular accessory among fashion-forward women around the world, and its association with Jackie Kennedy has only added to its enduring appeal. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your everyday wardrobe, or simply want to pay homage to one of the most iconic fashion icons of all time, the pillbox hat is a classic accessory that is sure to make a statement.